Who is illartech.com?

The founder of illartech.com , Steven Illari has worked in the ever-changing technology ecosystem for over 25 years now . One the main reasons he attributes to his prolonged success is be the love & passion he has always maintained for the industry.

What is illartech?

illartech.com is a design & technology solutions company, headquartered in Huntington, NY, was established in 2016.

The company focuses on web & user interface design, print design, social media marketing and SEO. Our services also include graphic design, logo design, professional printing services, web development, 3rd party integrations, consulting, hosting, setup of social media pages and much, much, more.

Why choose illartech?

Nothing makes us happier than your success. illartech.com Design & Technology & brings a wide range of dynamic solutions to the table for your visual branding, website design & social media needs. We work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction & guarantee our work. We listen to you, take your vision queues ensure we work to deliver on it!

illartech.com will be at your side every step of the way to make your website and every brand element stylish, affordable and profitable.

Where did the name come from?

This has been asked a few times so that has made it worthy of a quick explanation.

Illari+Art-Tech = illartech

It's a homage to the three and had been blended into my company’s name, passion and services. Also, because it spoke volumes to what I wanted my companies focus to be firmly placed upon.

The name of the company came from three different places.

  1. My last name 'Illari'
  2. My love and passion for “Art”
  3. You guessed it, my love for “Tech”

Give us a call - 1-631-406-WEBS(9327)

We strive to provide Our Customers with TOP NOTCH services for all of their design or technology needs.